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Study Abroad Checklist

Phase One: Researching Programs (approximately 12 month in advance)

  • Explore available Programs.  Research locations, courses offered and cost.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Office to discuss programs available, requirements to apply, and application process. 
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss academic matters related to studying abroad.
  • Start saving money.

Phase Two: Apply for Programs (approximately 6 months in advance)

  • Obtain Approval from UTEP: Click "Apply" button next to program. Fill out online Approval Form.
  • Apply for (or renew, if necessary) your Passport.

Phase Three: Conditional Acceptance (approximately 4 months in advance)

  • Apply for a student visa if necessary.  Check visa requirements for your host country.
  • Get the courses you plan to take abroad pre-approved by the appropriate department(s).
  • Attend Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Register for Study Abroad classes at UTEP.
  • Purchase International Health Insurance.
  • Make travel arrangements to your host country (after you receive your acceptance letter and student visa). 
  • Secure housing in your host country.
  • Schedule classes at your host university (if possible).

Phase Four: Preparing to leave (approximately 1 month in advance)

  • Review the Study Abroad Packing List.
  • Make sure you have a credit and debit card which can be utilized overseas.  Contact your financial institution to inform them that you will be out of the country for an extended period of time.
  • Make several copies of all your important documents: passport, visa, tickets, travel passes, health insurance information, medical records, prescriptions, emergency contact numbers and host institution acceptance letter.  Bring the originals in your carry-on luggage, pack one copy in your suitcase and leave one copy with a responsible family member.
  • After packing, walk in and out of your house three times with all of your luggage to make sure you can handle your luggage on your own—If you cannot, you have packed too much!
  • Confirm your travel arrangements.

Phase Five: While Abroad

  • Check your UTEP email address at least once a week for important information updates from the Study Abroad Office and your academic departments.
  • Do NOT enroll in any classes that have not been pre-approved.  Email both your Study Abroad Advisor and Academic Advisor to get approval to take any course that was not pre-approved.

Phase Six: Upon your Return

  • (Non ISEP Participants)  Have your Official transcript sent to:
                Study Abroad Office
                The University of Texas at El Paso 
                500 W. University Ave.
                Academic Services Building, Room 218; Mail Code 00758
                El Paso, Texas 79968
  • Complete the Credit Processing Session.
  • Complete the Program Evaluation: Login to your account, click on "online forms" fill out EVALUATION FORM.
  • Submit 10 high quality pictures from your experience via our Flickr page. 
  • Also submit a one page descriptive summary of your stay to the Study Abroad Office email:
  • Visit the Download Forms section of the website for directions in regards to the photo submission and one page summary.

The University of Texas at El Paso Study Abroad Office